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K3 in Rotterdam - Trans K3 Express at the Project(or) Art Fair, 6th-10th February 2008
A Train journey by Sergej Klammer & Sandi Paucic, with the participation of Swiss and UK artists

Stephan Burger, Barbara Davi, Marianne Engel, Leo Fitzmaurice, Daniel Gafner, Claudius Gentinetta, Clare Goodwin, Bob Gramsma, Andi Gut, Paul Harper, Haruko / Josef Loretan, Andrea Heller, Christina Hemauer / Roman Keller, Hipp Mathis, Susanne Hofer, Beat Huber, Thomas Isler, Beat Klein / Hendrikje Kühne, Koefer / Hess, Isabelle Krieg, Max Mason / Liz Murray, Anja Moers, Monica Germann / Daniel Lorenzi, Nils Nova, Tom Menzi, RELAX chiarenza & hauser & co, Anina Schenker, Juliana Smith, Karin Schwarzbeck, Ron Temperli, Costa Vece, Markus Weiss, Yuri A., ZündWerk

A model train installation has been built in an old caravan which was placed in the public space in front of the main entrance of the former Rotterdam post office, where the Project(OR)Art Fair 2008 took place in February 2008.

The train installation also spread out over curved bridges into the open space around the vehicle. In place of the usual miniature landscape for model trains to travel through, Sergej Klammer and Sandi Paucic have chosen works by around 30 artists, mainly from Switzerland but also from the UK, assembling them into one big installation. The trains were equipped with cameras as they traveled through the ‘artscape’, over bridges and through tunnels and valleys. The caravan can be seen as a big analogue video machine that produces images of art. These images were also transmitted live into the K3 exhibition booth creating a very special art journey.

The K3 intervention has seen a lot of public interest from both, the art audience and the passing people in the street.

14.2.2008, sp