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Handluggage2004- the bags & the artists
K3 Project Space, Zürich is pleased to announce its annual group show. This time sponsored by NDS bags.
For the 2004 event, a diverse group of 15 UK-based artists have been invited to bring, install or construct their hand luggage-restricted works just two days prior to the opening date 3rd April. While in transit, the work must not exceed the normal hand-luggage weight of 5kg or the confines of this year s bags provided by the young Swiss company NDS, but can exceed these dimensions once constructed within the space. All materials must be taken from the artists individual NDS bags with the exception of basic tools and other essential equipment, which K3 will provide. In committing themselves to bringing the work over to Switzerland, all UK-based artists are responsible for taking their work back with them when the event closes on 4th April.

This year, K3 has include three Swiss-based artists Lucinda Santos, Bendicht Walthert and Nicoletta West who have been selected for their abilities to respond in an immediate and inventive way to this project.

Sarah Carne, Kate Rose Carrick, Tom Chamberlain, Frances Coleman, Antoinette Haechler, Anne Hardy, Lucy Harrison, Zoe Hodgson, Annis Joslin, Kristina Müntzing, Bernadette Moloney, Flora McLean, Alan Miller, Lucinda Santos, Si Sapsford, Isa Suarez, Bendicht Walthert, Nicoletta West.

Special video screening- The Band of Nod

Handluggage is an annual K3 event organized by Clare Goodwin&Sandi Paucic.


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