Mixed Pickles 7 / K3 Xmas Party
Saturday 17th December, 2011. Doors open at 18.30h
6 DJ's sets - 6 solo shows, 45min each
organized by Clare Goodwin and Oliver Kielmayer

featuring - Mario Marchisella & Marianne Halter, Christina Hemauer & Roman Keller feat. Mathias Vetter, Davide Legittimo, Ali Ruhi-Ahangarani & Alice McCabe, Peter Hauser & Monika Stalder - aka Monee&Clyde, DJ Dottore (special guest artist Aurelio Kopainig)

Whilst the artists play their favorite tracks, they will also have a 45min solo show in the K3 'whitecube' space. The night will conclude with DJ Dottore (Andreas Vogel) who will invite one artist as his guest solo show. The night will be fun-filled and full-on with the annual K3 raffle, bar and xmas spirit (White Russians made by our guest barman Damian Christinger)

Meine Füße gehen lieber aus der Zeit.

K3 Project Space, Zürich Hardstasse 219, Maag Areal Vernissage: 26. November 2011 ab 19h, mit K3 Bar
Finissage: 4. Dezember 2011, 16 - 20h
26. 11. - 4. 12. 2011, nach Absprache: 076 347 17 11

A collaboration with Kunsthalle Winterthur.
Opening reception on Saturday 28th May 2011, 8pm

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